Q: How do I get a trade account?

A: Visit https://trade.arnoldclarkautoparts.com/ and click “Create your account”, we will then receive a request and set up your account. You’ll receive a confirmation once this has been authorised.


Q: How do I log in once I have an account?

A: Visit https://trade.arnoldclarkautoparts.com/ and enter your email address and the password you chose when authenticating your account at set up.


Q: How do I view my previous orders?

A: Click on “My account” and you’ll see your previous order history. Orders can be clicked on for full details.


Q: How do I add an order number to my order?

A: Choose to view your cart before checking out and add “Order instructions”, make sure you click save before checking out!


Q: I'm a local hub site customer and I can't see free delivery via the Arnold Clark network

A: If you're within 35 miles of our Glasgow hub site you will qualify for free delivery. This should automatically be displayed at the checkout after choosing shipping. If you cannot see this, it's because of the format in which your delivery address has been entered; it's not being recognised by Google. Try typing your postcode first then the first line of your address - Google should make street suggestions to complete your address. 


Q: Can I get copy invoices online?

A: You can see what you ordered online and how much you paid for them but if you’re looking for a VAT invoice, drop us a message and we can email this from another system if required. All parts will arrive with a physical copy of your VAT invoice so keep an eye out for them.


Q: How do I look up parts specific to a vehicle registration?

A: On the home page you can look up parts on the registration look up tool. Once you’ve searched for the vehicle using the appropriate registration, a list of product categories will be displayed, you can then either navigate through these categories or use the search box next to the vehicle that has “Search parts for this vehicle” by searching the name of the part you want. Please remember sometimes 1 part can be known as a few things, it’s worth checking all known terms if you can’t find what you need first time.


Q: Can I look up OEM parts?

A: If you know the part number you want, yes, search it in the search box within the blue banner next to the Autoparts logo. Or, you can cross refer an aftermarket part number for alternatives, this includes OEM part numbers. For example, you use the registration look up to find an oil filter and you see a Fram number returned, you could then use that Fram number to cross refer onto an OEM number.


Q: Can I access any special offers or discounts?

A: Keep an eye on our home page, we’ll add new offers there fortnightly/monthly.


Q: Can I revisit items I’ve looked at before?

A: On the home page there is a recently viewed section, this will save previously viewed items for a period of time.


Q: How can I find out about returning an item?

A: All our policies, including returns can be found at the bottom of the home page. Local van customers can simply carry-on business as usual, ring in, we’ll arrange an uplift document, and you can give the parts back to your driver as normal. If you received the part by post, please use the returns portal and we’ll send you a returns label to send back the agreed products.


Q: Will I get any rewards for using the trade website?

A: Absolutely! You can register for APoints if you’re not already part of this reward scheme. If you are, these sales will also be taken into consideration when we update your total points each month.


Q: Can I speak to someone about an order?

A: Yep! You can use live chat via the blue speech bubble at the bottom right of each page, you can email us on ACAutoparts@arnoldclark.com or you can call us on 0141 950 4018.


Q: I can’t find what I’m looking for, can you help?

A: Drop us a message on live chat, if we’re online we’ll respond within a minute or so, if we’re offline we’ll pick your message up and respond ASAP and you’ll get an email with our reply.


Q: Can I order at the weekend?

A: Yes, if we can deliver on Saturday we will, if not we will deliver anything ordered first thing on Monday morning.


Q: I have a credit account with Arnold Clark already, can I use it online?

A: Yep, if it’s with the Glasgow hub we can set you up right away. If it’s with any of our other sites, we will need to do a little bit of set up but we can certainly organise this.


Q: I don’t have a credit account and would like one, how do I apply?

A: At the bottom of the home page there is a credit application form, complete this and email it to us at ACAutoparts@arnoldclark.com and we’ll run the necessary checks and let you know what we can offer within a few days.


Q: Will I receive a confirmation once my order has been submitted?

A: Yes, you’ll see an order reference on screen instantly, you’ll receive an emailed copy and as your order is processed, you’ll get a dispatch notification.


Q: My order is being posted; how long will it take to arrive?

A: We send all orders up to 3pm out at 4pm the same working day. After 3pm your order will be dispatched the next day. All orders are sent express delivery and should be with you within 1 – 3 working days.


Q: Can you deliver barrels, panel work or larger/heavier items?

A: Yes, items which can be delivered via our own Arnold Clark delivery van network will go free of charge. Items which need to go via courier to reach you are subject to a palletised delivery which is £40+ VAT.