Gates Micro-V Stretch Fit Belt - 6PK1029SF

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Self Tensioning Belt Designed Exclusively For Vehicles Designed With No Tensioner.

Gates Stretch Fit™ belts are engineered to fit and perform perfectly on these unique drive systems.Patented highly engineered EPDM belt ribs resist oil leaks, wear and pilling.Micro-V Stretch Fit™ Belts, like any other elastic belt need to be installed using the appropriate mounting tool and are not interchangeable with standard Micro-V belts.


Material P A (polyamide) Material E P D M(ethylene propylene diene Monomer ( M-class) rubber) Colour Black Number of ribs6 Width [mm] 21, 4 Length [mm] 1029 Observe technical data

OE Brand


OEM Part Number

1138524, 1141781, 1465590, 1471772, 1472606, 1740957, 1750290, 1809955, 1843795, 7S7Q6C301AC, 7S7Q6D314AA, AM5Q6C301DA, AV2Q6D314AA, AV2Q6D314AB, BV2Q6D314AA, BV2Q6D314AB, YS6E-6C301-GA, YS6E-6D314-AA

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