Gates PowerGrip Kit - K015489XS

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Gates Timing Component Kits come with a warranty that is exactly the same as that offered on new vehicles.

Contains all the elements necessary for a complete timing system overhaul in one package, fit for each individual application.Total solution for any application can include: Timing Belt(s), Idler(s), Belt Tensioner(s), Hydraulic Tensioner, Water Pump (where required), Seals, Gaskets, O-rings and other components necessary for a complete overhaul.Choosing inferior products may severely shorten the life of a belt and cause major internal engine damage.


5489 X S Timing Belt1 T43010 Tensioner Pulley, timing belt1 S E T 94 Bolt and Nut Kit1

OE Brand


OEM Part Number

06A198119, 06A 198 119, 06A 198 119 D

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