Gates Micro-V Belt - 6PK1550XS

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Advanced Belt Technology by Gates

Lasts Longer - Lasts up to 50% longer than any retail belt on the market.Ultimate Dependability - Eliminates belt noise and premature failure by utilising materials like Aramid Fibre found in bullet proof vests and crack and heat resistant EPDM materials.Improves Component Performance – Compensates for worn and misaligned components in high kilometre vehicles through superior stability.


Material Aramid Material E P D M(ethylene propylene diene Monomer ( M-class) rubber) Colour Black Number of ribs6 Width [mm] 21, 4 Length [mm] 1550

OE Brand


OEM Part Number

55577157, 55578115, 55578813, 55578814, 1340019, 1340055, 03L 903 137 AC, 03L 903 137 H, 044 903 137 G

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